dimanche 17 août 2008

Sites web recommandes en Anglais

Sites web recommandés en Anglais

Some of our best past articles have been translated in English! Set your browser to http://www.schizomontreal.blogspot.com/ to learn more on benzodiazepines and the power of the confession.
Did you know that one in a hundred American(USA) adults is in jail right now? And one in nine American Blacks? Buy the July-August 2008 of Mother Jones magazine for several feature articles and a photo essay on American prisons.
In July, The Globe and Mail published a series of feature articles on Canada’s mental health crisis. To view it, set your browser to: www.theglobeandmail.com/breakdown , you can also read reader's comments online. Among contributors you will find Dr Rémi Quirion, Dr Donald Milliken, Dr David Goldbloom and Michael Kirby.

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